Tal-Kaptan amongst Top 10 restaurants in Valletta

The new Tal-Kaptan is already making a big name for itself after its recent overhaul and fresh launch that included changing of the staff as well as a new management team.

In the latest online issue from culturetrip.com, a digital platform for global culture and lifestyle, Tal-Kaptan was chosen amongst the top 10 restaurants in Valletta. Readers of this publication were encouraged to explore these top 10 chosen eateries that all together make up the general local food scene in this historically rich city. However in saying this, Tal-Kaptan alone will be sure to treat any of its patrons with any of their local favourite dishes. This is possible because although the restaurant is best known for its delicious pizzas, the brand new menu also offers a variety of other dishes such as pasta, salads, grills and homemade desserts.

Valletta's 10 best restaurants

Valletta’s 10 best restaurants – http://theculturetrip.com/europe/malta/articles/valletta-s-10-best-restaurants-local-eateries/

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