Refurbished Tal-Kaptan restaurant opens in Qawra

The family friendly Tal-Kaptan restaurant in Qawra is back in business after a refurbishment of the restaurant and the surrounding area. Following the modernisation project of the brand last November, the restaurant is now ship shape and sailing away.

The modernised restaurant now includes an area where customers can place their take away orders, which can consist of anything from pizza to soft drinks, ice-cream, coffee and sweets. The main door has been relocated slightly, while all the restaurant aluminium apertures have been changed. The kitchen has also been modernised and additional storage space has been created. The outdoor terraces have been refurbished and given a modern look and feel.

Tal-Kaptan restaurant manager, Jonathan Pisani said that, “we have done our utmost to give the restaurant a total revamp to supplement the 5 star family friendly customer service which our patrons are accustomed too. The refurbishment has helped to create a fresh and new ambience in keeping with modern times, the nautical setting of the restaurant and a new dining experience.”

Mr Pisani added that “we have also updated our menu to address the taste buds and dietary requirements of all patrons especially families with kids. Apart from the wide range of mouth-watering pizzas which Tal-Kaptan is renowned for, the restaurants is also be serving a variety of fresh pasta dishes, salads, grills and desserts. At Tal-Kaptan we also organise kids’ parties, where the kids with the help of the restaurant chef can have fun by learning how to prepare and decorate their own pizza.”

The Tal-Kaptan restaurant in Qawra will now be open every day between noon and 3:00 pm and 6:00 and 10:00 pm. All patrons can choose between indoor and outdoor seating.

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