Ready to set sail on a new journey with a revamped look!

BottleThe Tal-Kaptan restaurants in Qawra and Valletta Waterfront are set to sail on a new and exciting journey following a revamp and modernisation of the interior and brand. The launch of the new Tal-Kaptan will take place on the 28th of November at 18.00hrs, during an event which will be packed with live animation, games, and to top it all up drinks will be on the house.

Whilst retaining the nautical theme, the restaurants will be renovated and given a new look and feel. The new décor will be warmer and lighter, thereby creating an ambience which is relatable, friendlier and more relaxing. We have also introduced an element of fun, cheeky and curious design with traditional elements to captivate everyone’s eye – young and old!

Each restaurant will have an interesting collection of memorabilia and artefacts which are the captain’s reflection from different parts of the world during the captain’s various expeditions and voyages. All of this has been put together by Karl Mallia- a creative thinker who has worked on other projects within the AX group. With a different way of thinking, Mallia has managed to create a fun and daring feel for the restaurant, retaining the core values within the existing structure. He is a concept-driven person, and being an F&B person himself, it has helped with the thought behind all. Practicality for the operations team was considered in each and every single step of the way.

AX Hotels hospitality director Claire Zammit Xuereb said that “whilst retaining our core service values which our loyal patrons have come to expect, we will be enhancing the customer experience and taking it to new levels. Customers visiting the Tal-Kaptan will see a difference in the décor and ambience, but will still be given the family-friendly customer service this 26 year old restaurant has always been renowned for.’’

The menu has also been revamped to address the taste buds and dietary requirements of all patrons. Apart from the wide range of mouth-watering pizzas which Tal-Kaptan is renowned for, the restaurants will also be serving a variety of pasta dishes, salads, grills and desserts. The restaurant’s concept is to offer patrons quality traditional cooking with a twist. Ingredients are mixed and matched, stepping away from the norm to produce dishes which are both tasty and original. Tal-Kaptan is also a popular choice for families, hence why more attention has been given to the children’s dining experience. With every kids’ meal, children will receive a toy which is part of a bigger collection and they will also get the chance to win prizes in monthly competitions.

Furthermore the crew at Tal-Kaptan promises not only appetizing and more innovative dishes, but also a menu which primarily offers better value for money to all patrons.
We shall also be introducing new features like masks and a photo prop that will act as an attraction allowing our patrons to entertain themselves before or after their dining experience, also serving as a fun tool on social media platforms.

At the helm of the new Tal-Kaptan is Jonathan Pisani who is accustomed to 5 star services, with years of experience working as Operations Manager at The Palace. He will be assisted by Anthony Micallef who was a crew member of the Tal-Kaptan restaurant during its glory days. Tal –Kaptan will also welcome on board a new head chef Carlo Curmi. Carlo brings with him vast experience in restaurants mainly serving Mediterranean cuisine, which is a forte that is needed in our much loved pasta culture.

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